Every stone flipped
And impossibility discounted
In adventure tripped;
All improbability surmounted.

Caffeine & Concrete

Inspiring people to share their stories over coffee, wrapped up in typographic concrete poetry.

Caffeine & Concrete
is an ongoing independent magazine and blog which explores the philosophy of creators who have fashioned lifestyles which aren’t a binary split between work and home life.

Expressed through verbatim translations of interviews (over coffee) and concrete poetry inspired typography, Caffeine & Concrete attempts to record some of the wisdom that is often lost in everyday conversation.

Read the inspiring stories from various creators including artists, photographers, designers, business owners, sommeliers, film directors, authors and more at caffeineandconcrete.com
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Lorenzo makes unique work, and he makes a lot of it. We appreciate multi-tool players in the field of creativity. Lorenzo can write, shoot, film, edit, design and go to print all while wearing multiple hats with multiple clients. His publication “Caffeine and Concrete” is one of our favorites.


A user experience designer by trade currently responsible for UX at Elastic Grid. Lorenzo is also a book reviewer and cover mocker as Blurb Hack, a ranter on Spowtr and a pinhole cameraman on Instagram. Inspired to start posting typographical concrete poetry, Lorenzo soon started to blend the creative type with interesting people's quotes in the form of Caffeine & Concrete. Designing, writing and photographing everything for the magazine.