Why We like this


There is nothing we like more than a persistent photographer who commits to a story over the long-term. And in Frank’s case what might be considered an obscure topic, or a topic we totally and utterly take for granted. Hundreds of thousands of miles and years in the process, this take on the precious fluid that powers the world is right up our caffeinated alley. Coffee, like oil, provides the spark that powers the world. Coffee as catalyst, powering the brains that power ideas that change the world.


Frank Jackson was born in 1956 in Jacksonville, Florida. The city got its name from the unusually high number of Jacksons living in the area. Complicating matters was the fact that his father had intended to name him Jack, Junior. Had this happened, Mr. Jackson would have been Jack’s son Jack Jackson, Jr. from Jacksonville . His mother, however, saw little point in naming him Jack, Junior, since his father’s name is Frank.

During the confusion , Mr. Jackson left for Northern California, settling in the vicinity of Sacramento. He eventually developed an interest in photography after discovering that no matter how skilled he became at drawing, art supplies looked less attractive hanging from his neck than a camera.

Mr. Jackson’s interest and appetites are diverse. He enjoys fresh air, strawberry milkshakes, and black and white film, though he admits the combination often gives him gas. “I prefer shooting in black and white”, says Jackson, because it forces the viewer to look at the essence of an image... its form, tone , light , and shadow... instead of being distracted by the decorative effects of color. And also black and white film costs less.As a final note, Mr. Jackson is self trained, leaving others blameless for his level of accomplishment. Gordon Lewis, 1998