The work highlighted here covers a project I worked on for four years. I didn't spend all four years working on this ONE piece, but what you see here is the result of four trips to Sicily. I chose this project simply because it was the first project that popped up when I opened my drive system. I could have chosen a half dozen other projects created during the same time but all the same rules and ideas apply to all. This project IS interesting as it did some a bit of acceptance. This project was published several times, was represented by a Los Angeles gallery, and was also why I was approached by two different publishers who wanted to make this work into a book. I declined both publishing deals as they were, frankly, terrible financial deals. This project is what led me to start self-publishing my work.

Remember, storytelling comes with responsibility. This isn't about YOU it's about THEM. The people you photograph are sacred and should be treated with respect, always, regardless of who they are and what they are doing. If they let you know their lives you have to accept the responsibility that comes with this. Start small, have fun.


Daniel Milnor is a co-editor at AG23. He once worked as both a fragrance model and a hot tub installer but is better known as a reformed-journalist, photographer and writer who is now, once again, performing these duties in his role as “Creative Evangelist,” for Blurb Inc., the world’s premiere indie publishing platform. He lives in and loves New Mexico. Siempre Juntos.